The Veterans

TheVeterans - 4Ted Carter – OKG 1938. He fought against all three Axis powers in the deserts of Tobruk and El Alamein, and in the jungles of New Guinea.


IMG_2487Barney Greatrex – OKG 1939. He flew for Bomber Command until his Lancaster was shot down. The sole survivor, Barney fought with the French Resistance while on the run from the Nazis in Occupied France.


TheVeterans - 7Richard Miles – OKG 1939. The class of 1939 sustained more losses than any other year. He served in Borneo, and is a leading force in commemorating our fallen Knox heroes.


TheVeterans - 11David Nesbitt – OKG 1939. He flew in Burma with General Slim’s ‘Forgotten Army’. He lost mates and flew dangerous missions, including dropping napalm on Japanese trenches.


TheVeterans - 12John Reid – OKG 1939. He took his movie camera to war and captured incredible footage. He served in the Crete evacuations, Tobruk Ferry Service and witnessed the destruction of HMS Barham by a German U-Boat.


TheVeterans - 9Phil Stevenson – OKG 1939. He was a career navy serviceman. He was involved in the Admiral Graf Spee and Bismarck engagements, and was one of the first three Allied servicemen on the ground in Nagasaki after the dropping of the atomic bomb.


TheVeterans - 6Don Caldwell Smith – OKG 1940. He was the skipper of a Lancaster bomber. His crew, including radio operator Don Rowe, survived a full tour of 30 missions in the skies above Europe for Bomber Command.


TheVeterans - 5John Hordern – OKG 1941. He served aboard HMAS Shropshire. He fought off the Japanese and their kamikaze attacks in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, where his cruiser helped sink a Japanese battleship, in the largest naval engagement in history.


TheVeterans - 10Arthur Pardey – OKG 1941. He was a fighter pilot. He fought off German air raids on England before being posted to the Desert Air Force to fight against the Axis forces.


TheVeterans - 2Eric Thew – School Captain OKG 1941. He was posted to New Guinea as a platoon commander. In the disease-ridden jungle he fought off the fanatical Japanese, but the terrible conditions were as deadly as the enemy.


TheVeterans - 1Lysle Roberts – School Captain OKG 1942. He was a good friend of Knox’s founding Headmaster, Neil MacNeil. When Lysle was old enough to fight, he joined the air force and was posted to help defend Australia.


TheVeterans - 8John Hore-Lacy – OKG 1943. He met Rudolf Hess on the Bavarian ski slopes when he was fourteen. He joined up at eighteen and fought the Japanese at Borneo towards the end of the war.

From the schoolyard to the battlefield, a dozen student soldiers put down their books, and went to war…

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